Contemporary Art Class Takes Field Trip to Chelsea Arts District

Professor Aileen Wang’s ART 72 contemporary art class and officers of the Art and Art History Club went to NYC for an exciting day out of the classroom, and into Klein Sun on West 22nd and AW Asia on West 25th St. At Klein Sun, assistant director Willem Molesworth talked to the students about the solo show of Chinese artist Liu Bolin and the role of the art gallery in the contemporary art world. The students also got a tour of the storage spaces and artist studios on the basement floor of the gallery. At AW Asia, a private arts organization dedicated to promoting and educating the public about contemporary Chinese art, director Taliesin Thomas talked to the students about how such an organization functioned within the art world ecosystem and shared some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about mega-art-collectors like Larry Warsh, who founded AW Asia.

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