LIU Post Scholarship Portfolio Day (Feb 27)

Come join us for LIU Post’s Scholarship Portfolio Day on Saturday February 27th from 9am-1pm at Sculpture Building (Studio A). Show off your talents and have your portfolios be juried by our artisticly well-rounded faculty for a chance to win the Portfolio Scholarship.

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Artist Conference At The Long Island Museum (Stony Brook)

Today there was an artists presentation conducted by the well-known artist Shirley Wegner at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, featuring five talented local artists from LIU Post and Stony Brook University. Audience members were able to experience the current trends of the art world including a one on one Q&A session with each artist.

The event featured a well rounded group of crafts such as, Photography, Installation, Painting, Sculpture and Video. Featured artists were, Santana Copeland, Ye-suel Choi, Catharine Katsafouros, Juan Lopez and Nicholas Warndorf.

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What Lies Beneath-The Spirit of Art at Studio 5404 Massapequa, NY

What Lies Beneath-The Spirit of Art, at Studio 5404, featuring one of our MFA grad’s Candice Licalzi

Opening: Oct 24, 5:00-8:30PM

5404 Merrick Road, Massapequa, NY (516-748-4196)


MFA Ripening At Ripe Art Gallery

MFA Grads;
Chris Ann Ambery, Juan Lopez Espantaleon, Nicholas Frizalone, Carrie-Anne Gonzalez, Hyon Hartberger, Samantha Hofsiss, Elizabeth Jordan, Susan Kelly, Candice Licalzi, Suzi Pastorelli, Victoria Pendzick, Emily Pfeifer, Isabelle Podrasky, Chelsea Soldner, Min Wu, and Yuan Yin.

Visiting Artists:
Beth Giacummo, Joan Harrison, Michael Krasowitz, Lawerence Mesich, Peter Reginato, Ryan Seslow, and Christopher Stout.

Curated by Jeffrey Allen Price

RIPENING is on view October 17-November 7, 2015.


MFA Students Setup For An Exhibition At The Ripe Art Gallery In Huntington, NY

Masters of Fine Arts Fall 2015 students setup for their first group show of the semester at the Ripe Art Gallery in Huntington, NY. Students hung their work alongside other well know artists such as Michael Krasowitz, Beth Giacummo, Lawrence Mesich, Joan Harrison and many more!

Congratulations MFA!!!


Foundations Fall 2015 Learning New Techniques With Professor Neill Slaughter

Here in professor Neill Slaughter’s class, our fall foundations students are just about to finish their second project of the semester.

With each passing project our students heighten their skills in drawing, by learning new approaches as far as techniques and materials, then by taking these learnings and applying them to better develop what they observe.

IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3314 IMG_3315 LIU Post Drawing Class Fall 2015

LIU Post Foundations 2015 Metropolitan Museum of Art Trip

Despite the rain, today was an awesome day for exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! This trip not only amazed but inspired our students in their artistic progression.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Trip 2015IMG_3231IMG_3232

LIU Post Foundations 2015 MingleFest!

LIU Post Foundations MingleFest

New Studio Foundation students get connected at orientation by creating secret handshakes.