New Program In Museum Studies Scheduled To Launch In Fall 2017

In response to nation wide interest in cultural studies and museum leaning, the LIU Post art history program has recently established to New York State degree programs. Both the five-year BA/MA and a stand alone MA in museum studies will have two distinct tracks, one for museum education the other for curatorial studies. The programs are designed with laboratory style learning in which over one-third of contact time takes place within a museum; As well as internships in regional museums. The new Steinberg Museum at LIU post will be relocated and redesigned in the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library on campus to include over 500sqft of the LIU Collections visual storage display which will be accessible glass units presenting the colleges resources for hands-on college learning. This museum opening is scheduled to coincide with the launch of the museum studies program.

MFA Thesis 2016 Makes It’s Way To SIA Gallery In Chelsea NYC

Visiting Artist Sharon Louden Speaks At LIU Post

Famous sculptor and abstract painter Sharon Louden visits LIU Post giving an exclusive two hour lecture. Louden describes her life story as an artist as well as her hardships, such as paying for college, financially supporting yourself as an artist and how to inspire one another through your art. Her lecture was one of the most attended events, encouraging young art students of any craft to fight for their dreams and do what they love.



MFA’s Chosen for Chicago Show

LIU Post’s Candice Licalzi was chosen for Chicago’s “Wet Paint MFA Biennial Competition” at the Zhou B. Arts Center.  Licalzi and alum Jordan Walker (MFA 2014) were chosen out of 500+ entries from all over the nation to participate in the “Wet Paint MFA Biennial Competition” in which, only 40-45 artists were chosen. The exhibition will be held at the Zhou B. Arts Center in Chicago curated by Sergio Gomez. The exhibition will be held from January 15th-Febuary 13th, 1029 W 35th St, Chicago IL.




Piece Chosen: Title: Aurum Size: 36″x48″ Medium: Oil & Charcoal on Canvas Date: 2015

LIU Post Scholarship Portfolio Day (Feb 27)

Come join us for LIU Post’s Scholarship Portfolio Day on Saturday February 27th from 9am-1pm at Sculpture Building (Studio A). Show off your talents and have your portfolios be juried by our artisticly well-rounded faculty for a chance to win the Portfolio Scholarship.

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Brooklyn Museum Curator Visits LIU Post on October 9

LIU Post students had the exciting opportunity to meet and talk with managing curator of exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum, Dr. Sharon Matt Atkins, who came to campus through the generous sponsorship of the Department of Art. At the Steinberg Museum of Art at Hillwood Commons, Dr. Matt Atkins talked about the recent exhibitions that she organized, including the first major US exhibition of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, and a site-specific commission by New York artist Swoon. She also shared some professional advice for those aspiring to work in the art world. Dr. Matt Atkins also visited Professor Aileen Wang’s modern art seminar for a talk on curatorial matters and the factors that come into play when the Brooklyn Museum plans its program of exhibitions. Dr. Matt Atkins will be involved in a new accelerated 5-year BA/MA program in art history and museum studies. Watch for its launch next year!

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Contemporary Art Class Takes Field Trip to Chelsea Arts District

Professor Aileen Wang’s ART 72 contemporary art class and officers of the Art and Art History Club went to NYC for an exciting day out of the classroom, and into Klein Sun on West 22nd and AW Asia on West 25th St. At Klein Sun, assistant director Willem Molesworth talked to the students about the solo show of Chinese artist Liu Bolin and the role of the art gallery in the contemporary art world. The students also got a tour of the storage spaces and artist studios on the basement floor of the gallery. At AW Asia, a private arts organization dedicated to promoting and educating the public about contemporary Chinese art, director Taliesin Thomas talked to the students about how such an organization functioned within the art world ecosystem and shared some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about mega-art-collectors like Larry Warsh, who founded AW Asia.

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